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Aldasa Eco Porcelanic Microcement

Aldasa Eco Porcelanic Microcement is a modern and extremely versatile decorative finish that can be applied to almost any surface such as floors, walls, furniture, worktops, wet rooms, pool, and saunas. 

Microcement is a 3mm pigmented cementitious material which can be placed on any surface without the need of lifting the pre-existing coatings. This can be coatings such as ceramics, tiles, stone or wooden floors. 

We have the most advanced system to install our products (Decora NanoTech) which offers; Antimicrobial & Anti-fungal properties, Water resistance, Fire Retardance, UV & Corrosion Resistance. This also includes enhanced flexural and compressive strength. 

Our Microcement is the perfect finish of almost any area where style and hygiene are paramount. As the interest and popularity of Microcement have rapidly started to grow in the UK, it is quickly becoming a modern alternative to both tiling and hardwood flooring.


Water -Resistant 


Stable against UV Rays

Non Slip

No need to remove existing material

Corrosion Resistance 

Hydrocloric Resistant 

Wide Range of Colours 

High Mechanical Resistance 

Does not generate bubbles 

Easy Maintenance 

Fire Retardant 



"Simplicity, carried to an extreme

becomes elegance "